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Royal School & OrphanageKiwawu, Uganda04/04/2010 to 03/17/2013631

When we first went to the Royal School in March of 2010, large water trucks were being hired from a nearby city to minimally satisfy their cooking, hygiene and drinking requirements. The trucks were an enormous expense, and the the water itself was unsafe drink without being boiled first. When all was said and done, each child was getting less than 6 ounces of drinking water per day. In an attempt to solve their problem, the administration purchased an acre of swampland and drilled a well. Unfortunately, because this well is at the bottom of their mountain and over a mile away, they had never gotten a drop of water from it.

We solved half of the problem by drilling a new well directly on the school's campus, but because a second water source is needed, we also connected the original well. After fifteen men spent ten days digging a 2-kilometer trench and laying the pipe up the the school, a guard house was built over the borehole and electricity was brought in on power-lines from a nearby road. We then installed a high-capacity electric pump and were privileged to witness first-hand the first water out of the well. The pump was then connected the pipe, and after years of crisis, the school has two reliable, clean water sources.


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