Projects: Steps to Sustainability

Current Projects

Ssese Chickens

Community: Ssese Primary School
To provide sustainable protein to the children of Ssese, we are funding the construction and stocking of a large chicken house.

Toothbrushes for Trust

Community: Trust Learning Center
In the hopes that we won't have to extract many adult teeth in the future, one of our first projects at Trust Learning Center will be to provide toothbrushes.

Ssese Well

Community: Ssese Primary School
The children at Ssese Primary School were spending a significant part of their day fetching water, but no more. We have dug and installed a hand-pump so students and staff will have access to fresh spring water whenever they need it.

Beds and Shoes

Community: Morning Star School
During our last visit to Morning Star School in Uganda, we saw that many of children don't have shoes and most are sleeping on the floor. Our medical team spent a good deal of time dealing with resulting issues, including foot parasites and infections. Kickstarted by a LoveGrows campaign through Michael Shier of Charleston, SC, we have decided to embrace this project as an organization.

Completed Projects